Car Tires Qatar

Get the best types of tires in Qatar through Infinity Garage, which offers you a variety of car tires and the different types, with high-quality features, as we offer the best car tires in terms of brand and manufacture, and provide good storage methods for them, and we also provide you with a lot of services to help you install the tire and maintain the car using the latest technologies to ensure the best quality of maintenance  

Advantages of buying Car Tires Qatar from Infinity Garage

Infinity Garage offers a variety of car tires and provides all necessary services for their maintenance, as well as providing car and motorcycle spare parts through cooperation with major automobile spare parts manufacturers in the world. We always strive at Infinity Garage to provide the best for our customers in terms of      

  •   Providing a variety of sizes and types of Qatar car tires ensures that we have the perfect fit for your vehicle.
  •  We ensure the best storage of tires to maintain them and increase their lifespan. 
  • Our high-quality tire installation service guarantees a job done well.
  • We maintain Qatar car tires with the best maintenance methods to keep them in prime condition
  • . We prioritize speed and professionalism in our work to save our customers’ time. 
  • We provide the best advice to our customers in choosing the best suitable tire for their car.
  • Our catalog of available tire specifications is extensive.
  • We offer our customers special offers on all available tires and services we provide.
  • We reach you wherever you are and offer you many products through the Infinity delivery service.
  • We use modern and advanced electronic devices to maintain car tires and repair all defects for all types of cars.
  •  We also have a specialized Infinity center for providing motorcycle maintenance services and various spare parts.
Car Tires Qatar
Car Tires Qatar

What are the meanings of the symbols written on car tires

To be able to choose a suitable tire, you must be familiar with the meanings and symbols on the tire, including the most important information about the tire, such as


Suitable speeds for tier  

 The maximum speed for each type of tire is determined by the manufacturing company with alphabetical letters such as (the letter Q means that the maximum speed of the tire is 160 km/h – while U means that the maximum speed is 200 km/h – Y means that the maximum speed of the tire is 300 km/h….). 

Maximum load that the tire can  bear

 The maximum load is indicated by numbers, where the number 70 means that the tire can bear a maximum load of 335 kg, while the number 126 means that the tire can bear 1700 kg, and so on. 

Type of tire . 3

It is important to emphasize choosing a suitable and good quality tire, and the type of tire is indicated by alphabetical letters. 

Tire size

This is the most important symbol for car drivers and is written as 235/35R20, where the first number represents the tire width in millimeters, the second represents the tire’s height-to-width ratio, while the letter R represents the tire’s structure and the last number 20 represents the tire’s radius.

What are the specifications for the best car tires in Qatar? 

The car tire is considered one of the most important basic parts, and a major factor in maintaining your safety inside the car. Due to the diversity of tire types and their differences, there are distinctive and higher quality tires available, which we provide at Infinity Garage with the highest quality, along with the best installation and maintenance services. Here are the specifications for the best tires you can buy:

 1. Tire sizes

 The best tire sizes are those that fit the car’s dimensions, and you can find out the size by referring to the catalog that we provide at Infinity Garage, or by checking the information recorded on the tire.

2. It is important to choose a good quality tire: 

There are many different types of tires that vary in quality, durability, and design. Therefore, it is best for you to choose the best type of brand that uses good quality rubber in its manufacture.

3. Tire manufacturing date  : 

is an important factor that you should pay attention to when choosing good quality car tires. 

This is because tire elasticity changes over time, and you can identify the manufacturing date of the tire through the data recorded on it. It is important to regularly replace car tires to protect yourself and maintain your safety.

4. Choosing car tires with high heat coefficients

Qatar is one of the countries with high temperatures. Therefore, if you want to buy a car tire in Qatar, you should be careful to identify its heat coefficient and choose the highest-rated tire in terms of the heat coefficient, which is referred to as TEMPERATURE.

5. Traction coefficient

 is referred to as TRACTION, and choosing the best tire in terms of the traction coefficient is a difficult equation, as the tire with the highest traction coefficient is considered the best in terms of being faster in stopping when the brakes are applied, thus helping to protect your car from accidents, while causing higher fuel consumption.

6. Knowing the wear coefficient helps you determine the estimated lifespan of the tire, and it is very important to take it into

The most important considerations to be taken into account when purchasing any type of tire

 are the tire specifications, which are essential for choosing the most suitable and best tire. However, there are other considerations that must be taken into account when choosing a car tire, including:


Different types of tires have different abilities to withstand different weather conditions, with three types available for hot areas (A), cold areas (C), and moderate or medium temperature areas (B).

2.Tread patterns: 

Tread patterns affect the movement of the car, so it is important to choose the most suitable ones for the roads and terrains that the car will frequently travel on.

3.Terrain and roads

 Rough terrains can affect the safety of low-quality tires, which is why special tires are made for mountainous and dangerous terrains, while others are more suitable for straight, simplified roads.

4.Driving style: 

Different companies manufacture tires with varying speeds, so there are tires that suit drivers who drive at high speeds better than others that may not withstand high speeds.

5.Storage method:

 It is important to pay attention to the storage method used to preserve the car tire because poor storage and exposure to bad weather can reduce its lifespan. Therefore, at Infiniti Garage, we take care to properly store the car tires we sell to ensure the safety of the customer and secure their rights in purchasing

The best types of car tires in Qatar

because we are distinguished in what we offer, so at Infinity Garage, we strive to provide the best types of car tires, in addition to providing skilled craftsmen and professionals who install them with high quality and maintain the car or bike completely. You can choose the most suitable type of tire for you from the following types inside Infinity Garage:

1. Evergreen Tires

Evergreen tires are known globally, where they are manufactured from environmentally friendly products, and the company provides different types of tires starting from normal cars to huge trucks, all of which are made of materials that are characterized by their high quality, durability, and suitable price for many different drivers.

2.TBB Tires

Infinity Garage provides many TBB tires from Thailand, which are characterized by their quality, long life, and resistance to harsh factors, as they are manufactured from the best types of rubber, and we provide you with commercial TBB tires, in addition to TBB tires for different types of cars.

3.Goodtrip Tires

We provide a variety of Chinese Good trip tires, where the company produces many bike tires, industrial machines, passenger cars, and trucks that have been made with the latest technologies to help balance the car or bike and maintain the comfort of customers. We provide all of this to you at Infinity Garage at suitable prices and high quality.

4. Sunny Tires

Sunny Tires are specially designed for hot regions, with high resistance to dryness. They are precision-designed and unique in that they do not emit noise during movement, despite their speed and ability to resist difficult roads and terrain.

5. Opals Tires

Because we strive to offer the best to our customers, we offer a variety of Opals tires that can withstand heavy weights and are strong enough to resist bad roads. You can get them now inside the Infinity garage at a special price and lower costs.

Choosing the right and best car tire is a safety valve to protect your life Therefore, we have provided the most important information about the best car tires in Qatar that can help you when purchasing any tire for your car or motorcycle. We also offer the best car maintenance services in Qatar inside the Infinity garage.

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